Welcome to the Zycom product range.

Whether you're looking for your child's first balance bike or something to ride to the beach or office - we have a product for you.

Zycom Zykster (2 in 1)

The ultimate balance trike and scooter in one. Transforms in two easy steps.

Zycom My 1st ZBike

Allow kids to focus on developing their balance.

Zycom ZTB (2 in 1)

Grows with your child and transforms from Trike to Bike as they progress.

Zycom ZTrike (Folding)

A great little Trike with a smart folding feature for easy transport.

Zycom ZBike

A beautifully designed balance bike to help transition children to pedal bikes.

Zycom Zipster

Kids love to carve side to side on the Zipster with its light-up wheels.

Zycom Zing

Removable and adjustable bars make the Zing a great 3 wheeled scooter.

Zycom Mini

Our smallest two wheeled scooter with adjustable bars for growing kids.

Zycom Cruz

Kids of all ages can't get enough of the cool carving action of the Cruz.

Zycom Zinger

Features a unique folding mechanism and adjustable height bars.

Zycom Alloy Kick

Light-weight alloy folding scooter with adjustable height bars.

Zycom Zep

Step your way up to speed on this unique scooter.

Zycom Coast

Carve along the streets on the way to the beach, cafe or office.

Zycom Easy Ride 230

Big wheels and a smooth ride. Packs away with its easy folding mechanism.

Zycom E1000

Cruise with ease and keep up with the kids on the electric powered E1000.

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