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Assembly Instructions:

Zycom Cruz Assembly Instructions

2. Stand with one foot on the Cruz to hold it securely while sliding the bar into place. 3. The fitting will be tight, use one hand to hold the bar in place and tap down with the other hand following the contour of the bar until the holes line up.



Zycom Cruz Assembly Instructions

1. Take your Zycom Cruz out of the box and remove all plastic bags and ties. Remove Allen keys and bolts from the bag. Place the scooter deck assembly on the ground.




Zycom Cruz Assembly Instructions

5. Use the supplied allen keys to tighten both bolts securely.



Zycom Cruz Assembly Instructions

4. Insert the longer portion of the bolts through the bar locating holes then insert the other end of the bolts ready for tightening.




Zycom Cruz Assembly Instructions

6. The bolts to attach the cross bar are already installed in their locating holes.




7. Use an allen key to remove the bolts turning in an anti-clockwise direction.



8. Place one of the crossbar bolts on the end of the allen key.


9. Insert a bolt into one of the holes in the cross bar and move the bar into place.

10. Use the protruding bolt to guide into place then tighten. Insert & tighten the second bolt.

11. Take one of the rubber grommets & slide into one of the cross bar bolt holes.

12. Work the rubber grommet into place with your thumb.

13. The rubber grommets should sit flush with the cross bar.

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